60-Day Juice Fast | 8 Tools that Will Help you Finish Triumphantly

60 day juice fast

Thinking about an upcoming 60-day juice fast makes me doubt my chances for success.

Who wouldn’t?

So, don’t think. Prepare. This post is part of my prep.

What follows is a detailed list of techniques for making sure I (and you) come out the other side triumphant. By the way, no one else offers these kinds of tips. Most juicing sites offer tips on physical preparation for a fast. And there are some very good tips out there, as physical prep is also critical to a smooth fast.

My NLP training and 25 years as a life coach allow me the luxury of providing you (for free) specific methods that really work. It’s all in this post. If you’re keen to do a 60-day juice fast (or one of any length) read on for specific help.

If you’ve already done a 60-day juice fast, feel free to send me a note to give me feedback. I’ve done a 30-day juice fast before and completed it with flying colors. Not entirely sure how a 60-day fast will be different, but the same principles and tools should apply.

The problem with my prior fast was I gained back all the weight over the next six months. After this 60-day juice fast, I don’t want to repeat the same mistake. I’ve got the solution to that as well.

You Must Prepare Yourself Mentally for a 60-day Juice Fast

If you’re doing a juice fast of any length, it’s essential to prepare both mentally and physically. Yet, the mental preparation is more important. Think about it – a 60-day juice fast – two months without solid food. Comfort food. Warm food. Loving, precious….food!

And while you’re sacrificing so much, others around you – even when they are supportive – will be eating – and eating! Worse, all that yummy food will appear 10 times more seductive and delicious than ever. Your mouth will water painfully. Your stomach will turn inside out. Your brain will fight you like a tiger whose cubs are threatened. In a moment of weakness (and that’s all it takes) you’ll gladly forsake your precious health goals for food if you aren’t prepared – if you don’t have the tools to get through it.

How do you keep your 60-day juice fast going in spite of it all? Implement the following tips! Again, it’s all in the preparation – the specific mental tools you use. I’ll give them to you here, step by step.

List of 60-Day Juice Fast Mental Prep Tools

juice fasting

1.  Take a journey into the future

Do this simple meditation: Take a mental journey into the future – to the end of your 60-day juice fast. Specifically imagine traveling through time until you arrive two months ahead. See, hear and feel how things are, having successfully completed your fast.

Does it feel good? Does it look good? Now, look back over the previous 60 days – and notice how you got here. Notice the tough times. See how it was worth getting through them to arrive where you are now, 60 days into the future.

Doing this kind of meditation casts your mind forward so you can associate with your anticipated success. It also allows you to experience overcoming the tough times. It’s a confidence builder. Try it.

2. Decide who to tell and who not to tell about your 60-day juice fast

Some people will support you. Others won’t. Don’t tell people who don’t support you. To complete the fast, you need as much positive support as you can. If you live with non-supportive people but are going to do your fast anyway, then you need to set some boundaries with them to reduce the amount of negative feedback you get.

Ask them to support you, specifically. If they just can’t and you are going to proceed anyway, then ask them to tolerate you on your fast by not attempting to discourage you. Agree with those concerned to monitor your progress with a doctor, as most concerns are for medical safety.

juice fast preparation

3. Access a state of determination on purpose

You may feel determined to complete your 60-day juice fast, but fasting is difficult regardless. You need more than determination. You need determination on demand.

Make a list of specific times in which you felt high levels of determination. Step back into those times and mentally relive them. Notice where you feel the determination in your body (your chest, your head,  your gut?) and place your hand over that spot as you feel the firm commitment of determination.

Now, think of your 60-day juice fast journey. It should blend with your determination. You want this! Anytime you feel weak-willed, place your hand back over that space and allow your determination to return!

4. Keep a mind-body journal

As you detoxify and lose weight during your fast, it is likely you’ll gain additional mental and emotional insight into your life. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. Write this stuff down!

It’s possible that your emotions will run a bit closer to the surface as your weight goes down. Body fat – according to some theorists – acts as an emotional energy suppressor. As layers of fat peel away, your emotions may feel more exposed. This principle is confirmed by fasting expert Tyler Tolman, who offers advice on how to deal with emotions that are suppressed by food.

This is another reason to keep a journal. You want to keep your emotions in process (moving) so you don’t get stuck in them. Recording how you feel helps you reconcile them.

study juice fasting

5. Study juicing

Yep, make a time every day to read about the benefits of juicing. Watch before and after videos of people who have completed juice fasts. Watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (again).

Basically, you want to infuse your mind with reminders of how good juicing is for you. As you do so, you’re more likely to remain motivated to stay the course. Don’t count on staying in a state of magical inspiration. You’ve got to do stuff to get there.

6. Plan your activities with your juice fast as a priority

It’s 60 days. Shift your priorities in favor of accomplishing the juice fast. If this mean not going to restaurants or social events for two months, so be it. Plan ahead. Skip stuff. Say no. Protect your fast as if it were the priority in your life.

When you do need to go to events where there will be food temptation, plan ahead. Think of what you are going to both say and do to maintain your composure and commitment. Remember your determination and proceed. Most of all, don’t allow yourself to get caught in a social situation unprepared.

7. Enjoy the look and smell of food

You’re going to feel bombarded with food on your fast. At work, home and on the digital screen. Society is obsessed with food. You’re very likely to feel left out – all alone and on your own! Fine, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the look and smell of food. Don’t turn food into a forbidden fruit.

Enjoy how it looks and smells. Suck all the juice out of those moments (no pun intended). Then, move on. Say to yourself, “I am thoroughly satisfied with how good that food looks and smells!” It works.


8. Think and feel past the moment

This may be the most important tool of all. When you feel tempted to eat, of course you probably should just drink more juice. If that’s easier said than does because the food temptation is about to have it’s way with you, then do the following:Go ahead and imagine eating that food.

Go ahead and imagine eating that food. And keep on going. Eating…swallowing…finishing the meal. Keep on going! Notice how you would feel after the meal…the feeling in your gut. The bloat…and the personal disappointment that is sure to follow. Stay with it – feel it all!

Make your decision to eat or not eat based on the entire experience: before, during and well after eating. Chances are, you’ll realize it will NOT be worth it. You’ll be aware of how badly you’d feel, physically and emotionally, in the aftermath of the meal.