Juice Fast Day 1

juice fast day 1

Day 1 of my juice fast.

Needing to make a kind of juicing journal template. This post will be a start on that.

Level of Commitment: Juice Fast Day 1

I don’t know. I feel determined, but mostly I feel like I’ve made a decision – a solid decision to do this and I don’t feel any doubt that I am going to follow through. If I think about the entire 1-2 months ahead, I get a little overwhelmed, so I’ll just focus on today.

I can do this today. All the Granny Smith apples and tons of veggies are waiting downstairs in the kitchen:) I hear them calling to me….Mike, we’re here to save you! Come. Liquefy us! Or whatever.

Juice Fast Day 1 Physical Condition

Morning weight: I don’t even want to find out. Ok, I’ll go weigh in.
255 pounds. I’m 6′ 1″ tall. Ideal weight is around 195, so….60 pounds to lose.

Right Arm:
Right Thigh:

Energy level: Shit. Could barely get out of bed.

Last night’s sleep: Shit.

Physical symptoms: Tired. Lower back hurts. Lethargic. Muscles cramping – muscle pain for no reason. I smell like stale Doritos.

Emotional symptoms: A little depressed. Disappointed in myself for getting this out of shape. Humiliated.

Relationships/support: My wife is relieved because I am doing this. She’s worried that I won’t follow through, however. Today I am sure she’ll try to be on top of me. She wants to help – she wants me to really do this thing. I need to remember that and not interpret her efforts to help as nagging or controlling behavior.

Juice Fast Day 1 Supplements

Magnesium Fizz, Vitamin C

Juice Fast Day 1 Mental Tools to Use

I’ll do a 5-minute meditation in which I focus on my solar plexus area. Whatever feeling is there, I’ll simply observe it, allow it to change and develop. I’ll notice the shape of the feeling, direction the energy is moving, the dimensions, depth and so on…and just be in it. I don’t feel like I need extra motivation right now, so I’ll just use this as a mindfulness check in.