Juice-Fasting for Weight Loss


In America, the obesity, and type 2 diabetes rates are the highest they’ve ever been. This has left a huge spot in the consumer market for quick weight loss schemes, and fads. Juicing, especially juice fasts, have been called just that: a fad. Let me explain to you why this is not the case.

If you look at the nutritional benefits of raw vegetables, there is no denying that they are exactly what we need in order to maintain optimal health; that includes being the proper weight.

The Standard American Diet (SAD for short; and that’s just what it is… sad) causes a whole load of undesirable symptoms, diseases, and “genetic” reactions.

According to an article titled “The Rise of Chronic Diseases in America – The Future of Healthcare Delivery” published on Medical Mega Trends, “Here are some numbers to contemplate. In the United States, there are about 465,000 preventable deaths per year, 395,000 from high blood pressure, 216,000 from obesity, 191,000 from inactivity, 190,000 from high blood sugar levels, and 113,000 from high cholesterol. These causes of death are mostly although not exclusively related to our behaviors and lifestyles.”

These deaths mainly point toward poor diet, but I’m sure living an inactive lifestyle is also a contributing factor.
The problem with the SAD is that we do not incorporate enough raw vegetables into our diets. Everything we eat is massively overcooked, smothered in unhealthy fats and oils, and processed to the point of being unrecognizable in comparison to its raw state.

But, people are waking up. Oh yes, they are opening their heavy eyelids and realizing that in order to survive, we must adopt new healthy behaviors and habits, and switch up the things we are eating, and drinking.

Going on a juice fast may seem like a quick fix to a big problem, sort of like putting a Band-Aid on a crack in a dam wall. But the way I see it, juice fasting is a way to get the ball rolling in the right direction, and gain momentum. It is the opening of a door to a lifetime of better nutritional choices.

With juice fasting, the hard part isn’t losing the weight (although resisting food is difficult), it’s keeping it off. I have known MANY who embarked on a juice fast to lose some weight, and actually got it off. But, as soon as they started eating solids again, the weight came back.

If you’re going to take a step in that direction, and choose that route to begin to lose weight and change your health, that’s great. But the change needs to happen at a fundamental level once you start eating solid food again.
Ridding your life of the typical SAD (processed/boxed foods, bleached grains, refined sugars, large amounts of meats, etc.), and introducing whole foods, healthy fats, and raw vegetables is the only way to make sure you see success in the end.

Success being defined as overall good health, which includes maintaining an optimal weight for your body type.
In order to kick-start your metabolism during your juice fast, you might want to consider incorporating hot peppers into your juice. Hot peppers contain Capsacian, a compound that raises body temperature and increases energy expenditure, which in turn boosts your metabolic rate, according to an article on Live Strong, which highlights a study on the matter published by Physiology and Behavior in 2011. There are many delicious recipes you can find incorporating different peppers into your daily juice, and though I have yet to try it personally, it is definitely on my list.

Nature Hacks says that parsley, mint, and fennel also act as an appetite suppressant, curb cravings, and speed up metabolism, and would definitely be delicious additives to any juice drink.


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