Juicing for Heart Health


Heart disease kills 1 in 4 Americans every year. It is the leading killer in both men and women, according to the Center of Disease Control.
It’s no secret that Americans are severely affected by heart problems, probably due to our unhealthy diets. There are millions upon millions, that pop pill after pill for their heart problems, sometimes multiple times per day.

Unfortunately because heart problems are scary, they think taking a pill is the only way to maintain a beating heart.
But many are rethinking the fundamentals of their daily lives, and taking charge of their health the way nature intended. And they’re seeing results, indeed, better results than ever expected or anticipated.
Juicing raw vegetables (and some fruits) has proven to many, many people that you can turn things around for yourself. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you can resume a normal healthy life, free from the chains of medications.
Reboot with Joe highlights an amazing story of a man who nearly lost his life to a massive heart attack, nicknamed the “Widow Maker”. After seeing the “white light” he decided to take the necessary steps to regain his health, and went on a juice fast exceeding 120 days.
Boy, did he see results!
His blood pressure is completely back to normal, he is no longer classifiable as a type II Diabetic, the swelling in his feet went away, and his eyesight improved by 15% (he even needed new glasses!).
This story is one of sheer success, even unforeseen success with issues he probably thought would never go away.
If you decide to go on a juice fast focusing on heart health, there are several different plants to consider.
Cranberry juice has shown to be very beneficial because of its effect against stiffness of the central aorta, which is important for vascular function and has relevance in relation to heart disease, according to an article titled “Cranberry shows heart health benefits: Study” published by Nutra-Ingredients-USA.
Grape juice has a list of heart benefits as well, as many wine drinkers are aware of. According to Mayo Clinic, “grape juice reduces the risk of blood clots, reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad”) cholesterol, prevents damage to blood vessels in your heart, and helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.”
An article titled “New Science is in On The Healing Benefits of Juicing” says, “A UCLA Medical School study discovered that blood plasma NO levels were reduced after a three-day juice cleanse. This helps to relax the blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow and putting less stress on your heart.”
Carrots have been proven to cholesterol significantly, and (along with other root vegetables like beets and turmeric) are being said to be good for prevention against a heart attack.
Also, no matter what your ailment or health goal is, it is always wise to incorporate dark leafy greens into your juice.
I have a close friend whose mother has been suffering from heart disease, fibromyalgia, and chronic inflammation, and being overweight. After watching several informative documentaries about juicing and the medicinal benefits therein, she decided to jump on the juice-train and embark on a 60 day journey to health. She lost 26 pounds, her inflammation went away, fibromyalgia symptoms receded, and her heart health improved drastically.
Please note, I am not a doctor and cannot tell you to stop taking medication. If you are juicing medicinally, as always, please do so under the supervision of a medical professional.
The juicing results are in, and people all over the world are seeing improvements in their quality of life because of it. The only thing to lose from trying juice, even in conjunction with western medicine and pharmaceuticals, is added health. There is no way you won’t benefit from it, it’s as simple as that.


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