Juicing for Heavy Metal Detoxification


There are many people, such as myself, who embark on a juicing journey with a particular goal in mind, rather than simply focusing on their health. For some, the goal is to lose weight, for others it is to reverse disease. Another reason people begin a juice fast is to detox. Personally, I spent a lot of years mistreating my body, and would like to detox the heavy metals from my body that have infiltrated my organs and are sticking around in my fat.
We are exposed to heavy metals through dentistry, water, alcohol, vaccinations, consumer products which have been carelessly doused in them, and in many other ways. Trust me, heavy metals are far more prevalent in our lives than many would like to imagine.
Some of the metals we are being exposed to on a daily basis (due to large corporations and entities that DO NOT have our best interests in mind) are aluminum, cadmium, lead, fluoride, and mercury, just to give you an idea. There are more, like zinc and copper which we need to live, but in high amounts are still toxic to us.
These metals stick around in our bodies, wreaking havoc on the way our bodies work.
Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity range from headaches, anxiety or depression, to cancer, and are not easily pegged as being a toxicity to a heavy metal. For this reason many people believe they are simply experiencing negative symptoms due to another factor altogether, not connected to exposure to heavy metals. They will look for other culprits, blame other factors, or simply ignore the less annoying symptoms completely. Often they never realize that the round-up of their symptoms equals too many heavy metals in the body.
If you believe you may be suffering from heavy metal toxicity, it is imperative that you do your research, and find out the truth. If left untreated, heavy metal toxicity can cause serious problems and even lead to death.
Finding out the culprit of the heavy-metal-overload can be confusing and frustrating, often due to the fact that we have no control over our exposure to it. From food containers we purchase our food in, to the water we bathe in, to the air we breathe, these metals are everywhere.
But, there is a way to help your body out, and flush out excess, built up metals.
Parsley, cilantro, and garlic juice. Simple right?!
According to an article titled “Heavy Metal Poisoning” published by Juicing For Health, “Cilantro and garlic [juice] are excellent natural herbs that when consumed, are able to bind with the toxic metals and escort them out of the body. By nature, both these ingredients are antiseptic, analgesic, antibiotic, fungicidal and natural stimulants. These remarkable properties alone are tremendously useful in our very toxic world today.”
Parsley juice works the same way, snatching up the heavy metal molecules and moving them out of the body.
Who would have thought that the juice of these herbs and spices, which we all have easy access to and are easily grow-able, could do so much good for our suffering bodies?
I like to add a handful of cilantro greens, and a handful of parsley greens to my daily juice. I find it adds a delicious flavor to any juice I am experimenting with that day, and I can feel the health washing over my body as I drink it. The fresh, green flavors are so unique, even if they weren’t this good for my health, I would still be adding them to my juice.
As far as incorporating garlic, I personally will either just pop a clove of garlic like a pill, chasing it with my fresh, cold-pressed juice.

Or, I will juice a couple of cloves, along with a thumb sized piece of turmeric, a thumb sized piece of ginger, and an apple to make it a perfect sized super-shot for first thing in the morning. Paired with apple cider vinegar, this concoction is a medicinal wonder.
My absolute favorite recipe incorporating all of these herbs and spices, (which I came up with yesterday as I dug through my produce) is 1 apple, 1 beet, 3 carrots, half of a lemon, a handful of parsley, and a handful of cilantro, a thumb of turmeric, and a thumb of ginger.
It’s sweet, tart, earthy, and just green enough.


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