Plant-Based Diet Plan – Tips for Sticking to It

Sticking to any diet can be a challenge.  But, when it comes to sticking to a plant-based diet plan, it’s no walk in the garden. But with these tips, maybe it can be.

Here are some tips to make your plant-based diet plan a little easier…

Announce Your Plan

Let other’s knowledge your plant-based diet plan keep you accountable. Take advantage of the embarrassment factor can be a good encouragement until your new plant-based diet become a habit. Plus, everyone will praise you when you succeed!

Have the Right Stuff

Having the right food items on hand when you’re hungry is a must to sticking to your plant-based diet. It is a fact, the point at which you are hungry is when the cravings for the wrong food are the strongest. Snacking on your healthy foods will keep you from reaching that hunger stage when all the bad stuff sounds good.

Keep a Record

Plan out your diet ahead of time to stay prepared. Know what you intend on eating each day to take the chance of making the wrong choices out of desperation. Plus, knowing what you are going to eat next allows you to think about it and get excited about your next meal.

Keep it Easy

Don’t make a big deal about your menu. For the first week of your new plant-based diet, keep it simple. Find easy to prepare foods or pre-packaged salads, etc. Just getting yourself to stick to a new plan is hard enough. Don’t put the pressure on yourself to have to deliver on fancy meals… unless that motivates you more.

Be Nice to Yourself

Dieting is hard! And your aren’t perfect. Keep your expectations in check and don’t expect perfection. Every day is a new day and every meal is a chance to get back on track. It’s never too late. Don’t make excuses to fail, but don’t punish yourself if you do.

Take a Class

Attending a plant-based diet plan class to learn some techniques and get excited is a good way to start your new adventure. If you can’t find a local one, there are many online classes available. We recommend the Living Raw Food Made Easy online course sponsored by the Raw Food Institute of Australia. It gives you a menu plan, shopping list, teaches you how to prepare different plant-based recipes and much more in a series of 25 lessons. Plus, it’s really affordable! It will get you started right.