Sweet Potato Juice: A Secret Superfood, Normally Consumed as Dessert


For many, a delicious sweet potato dish makes a once-to-twice per year appearance and then isn’t made again until the next holiday season. Commonly covered in marshmallows and cinnamon, this delicious vegetable is amazing healthy for you and has been mistreated and neglected throughout our society. Because of its sweet taste, it is typically made to be a sugary dish, but this root works as a juice (without marshmallows) exceptionally well, and harbors some serious nutrients.

Sweet potato juice is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, manganese, vitamin b6, vitamin b5, and vitamin E. It is also rich in chlorogenic acid, anthocyanins, coumarins, and a low amount of unique proteins called sporamins that have antioxidant properties, according to Authority Nutrition.

It also contains valuable Omega fatty-acids, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, choline, and betaine, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium according to Nutrition Self Data.

Talk about packing a nutritional punch!

A USDA Immunologist conducted a study taking twelve people, and testing their T cells, which are an immune response to a foreign invader and are not necessarily kept on hand within our bodies on a normal occasion. After juicing sweet potatoes, along with kale and tomatoes, for lunch for three weeks every single study participant showed a 33% raise in T cells, according to an article published by The Juice Nut.

Juicing sweet potatoes is beneficial in many ways. It has proven to help people who are dealing with digestive tract issues, emphysema, fetal development (due to its high folic acid content), immune system deficiencies, heart disease, muscle cramps, stress, and those who are in need of antioxidants (which is everyone), according to an article published by Juicing For Health.

Sweet potato juice is revered for being good for your eyes, just like carrots. The high antioxidants and quercetin are helpful in combatting cancer, and Alzheimer’s as well.

It’s truly amazing the medicinal benefits that the vegetables we have access to are laden with. In our society it is too common to resort to popping a pill when we experience an ailment, we are not taught to use food as our medicine (which it is obviously meant for). If we can switch this way of thinking, and eradicate it from our society we will undoubtedly see a skyrocket of good health and prosperity.

Juicing the vegetables we need is even more beneficial than simply munching on them, for several reasons. Each glass of juice contains a concentrated amount of phytochemicals that would not be available to us because simply eating as many raw vegetables as it takes to make a glass of juice simply isn’t something many people do. It’s not time efficient, and it would be a huge bowl of salad to say the least.

Also, because the juice has been extracted from the vegetable, the digestion process has already begun, meaning when the phytonutrients get to your stomach they are instantly absorbed and put to use within the body and bloodstream.

Remember, it is always important to consume organic produce (and meat, for that matter).
If juicing medicinally, make sure to check in with your healthcare provider and let them know what you’re doing before getting rid of medications. I am not a medical professional, I’m simply a researcher who enjoys sharing the studies and information that I come across.

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